Business Talk CSR Series of Learning, Autumn 2007.

Business Talk CSR Series of Learning, Autumn 2007.

RBI being of the technical partner initiated, in collaboration with United Nations Global Compact Pakistan Local Network, a “Business Talk CSR” Series of Learning under the theme “Making the United Nations Global Compact Work”. The topic of the first event, held on September 11th 2007, was “Building Business Advantages through Ethical Practices” and 48 participants from 18 organizations representing a wide segment of employers, government, workers, academia, NGOs and Civil Society attended this event.…/29-responsible-business-initiatives-pakistan-business-talks-1

Second Business Talk CSR Event, on October 27th 2007, was on the theme “Building Business Advantage through Labour Management Practices” and it drew 54 participants from 26 organizations.

Third Business Talk CSR Event was on the theme “The Principles for Responsible Management Education” and it gathered up more than 100 participants from 33 organizations.

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