How we Work

RBI has 20+ years of unique experience and expertise on teaching at business schools, designing curriculum, customized training for business organizations, running workshops, carrying multi-stakeholder dialogues, awareness campaigns on subjects such as Ethics, Environment Stewardship, Equity, Sustainability, Responsible Leadership, Risk Assessment & Mitigation, Responsible Supply Chain, Responsible Entrepreneurship, Well Being, Values, Circular Economy etc. RBI’s trainings curriculum emerges from its global collaborations, advisory work and action research on most current sustainability trends.

Potential Audience: Startup, an up-and-coming social entrepreneur, an early-stage business aspiring to grow and create positive impact, a large corporation ready to adopt global trends and learn future Risks. An employee with desire to grow as a Responsible Leader, student to enhance knowledge on Global Responsibility, a Senior Manager aspiring to become 21st Century Leader.

Organizations looking for

technical support

advice in rethinking, redesigning Sustainability Strategies and Policies

refreshing and resetting processes

reconnecting and building relationships with stakeholders

realignment through responsible reporting.

can engage with RBI through multiple ways.

RBI, as Pioneer of Corporate Responsibility in Pakistan

has enabled cross sectoral stakeholder  participation in local businesses.  We provide technical support to corporate sector towards the generation of responsible profits leading to sustainable development.

has collaborated with national corporations & local industry to participate in the global phenomenon of corporate citizenship.

We brought together Government, international agencies, citizen organizations, academia, trade bodies, media and key opinion leaders to develop useful inter-linkages, thus facilitating CSR implementation.

We have offered training and capacity building to private sector organizations to deal with stakeholder issues through open participatory ways.

We have promoted Responsible Behavior and Responsible practices through various activities involving research and capacity building, policy and framework development, standards and tool development, stakeholder dialogue facilitation, representing Pakistan in international conference panels and creating national and international linkages.

We played a key role in development of a national CSR strategy, an initiative of Securities and Exchange Commission Pakistan. Our main focus is to bring Sustainability & Responsibility awareness among business stakeholders enabling organizations to have sustainable development by utilizing the Global market opportunities.

enable multinationals, national corporations and local industry to participate in the global phenomenon of responsible corporate citizenship.

bring together government, international bodies, NGOs, academia, representative associations, the media and key opinion leaders.

offer a forum accessible to all stakeholder groups, and promotes dialogue for a wide range of learning and action.

build the capacity of the private sector to respond to stakeholder concerns through open and participatory ways.

Knowledge Hub

– An Umbrella for Member organizations to gain from and generate Collaborative Knowledge.
– Provide a platform for Collaborative research and Sustainability projects
– Framework and Sustainability tools development together with Global platforms and Institutes
– Regular and Customized and Collaborative Training and capacity building

– Trainings – Seminars – Talks


On Demand

Ongoing Training

RBI training schedule

­­­­ Training Topic Theme Date Venue
1. WhistleBlowers Safety Anticorruption Announcing soon Zoom Register
2 Value of Values Ethics Webinar Register
Value from Values Ethics Lahore Register
Code of Conduct Islamabad Register
Labour Rights & Responsibility Human Rights

See the schedule of our future training courses and make sure you have a seat reserved. Please note that the registration will be closed one week before the training date. 


– Continuous Risk assessment
– Policy and performance improvement
– Crisis into opportunities (continuous advise)


– Co-think and Co-develop Initiatives for future Impact
– Co-design Responsible and Green products
– Collaborative sessions and awareness Campaigns


– Risks Mitigation & Strategies
– Policies & Procedures
– Performance Evaluation [Indices & Impact]
– Branding Responsible [Communication & Reporting]
– Anticorruption & Integrity
– Responsible Value Chains