Designing and developing an on-line social impact analysis system for CIDA’s Small Projects Office in Pakistan, and my research at Cambridge on ethical practices along the soccer ball supply chain helped me build the business case for CSR in Pakistan.

This led us start RBI-Responsible Business Initiative (1998) with the intention of bridging the gap in understanding between Pakistani businesses and their overseas counterparts, other Global Business, Academics and Multilateral organizations concerned about Corporate Responsibility in emerging markets like Pakistan.

We developed Systems and CSR models to help Business, specifically SMEs to implement CSR practices cost effectively. Hence were able to impact their financial bottom-line and positive brand image for Pakistani business and by sharing our work through our networks and knowledge & experience sharing programs and collaborations around the Globe.

Since 1998 we at RBI have participated in International development of Social Responsibility Polices, Strategies, Guidelines, Frameworks through Founding, Collaborating and advising International Initiatives and organizations.

is Founding Member of:

• Asia-Pacific CSR Centers Group
• South Asia Alliance for Responsible Business
• Asian Forum on CSR
• Fairtrade Pakistan
• The Globally Responsible Leaders Initiative of the Global Compact Learning Forum & EFMD

is Member of:

• Board Nominating Committee of Global Reporting Initiative
• Steering Board UN Global Compact in Pakistan
• Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Governance Taskforce
• The Board of Trustees
• Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption & Production
• PKNIC Policy Group

Was Invited as CSR & ICT Expert on

• ICAP Corporate Governance Committee
• SECP NGO Accountability Policy taskforce
• The UNCTAD ISAR Committee
• The Accountability-UNEP Review Committee
• Asia-Pacific regional ICT Consultation

Served the Juries for:

• Asia Forum CSR Awards
• AIM-INTEL Corporate Responsibility Award
• The ACCA-WWF Environmental reporting Awards