Our Vision Statement

Private sector organizations enabled through inter-sectoral collaboration, acting in an ethical, socially responsive & accountable manner to catalyze sustainable development.

Responsible Behavior Institute

RBI is a platform for collaborating responsible ideas & actions and it brings multiple stakeholders under Responsibility Umbrella. Any Organization or person looking for knowledge, guidance, mentorship, technical advice, support towards responsible entrepreneurship and SDGs can benefit by joining this platform.
RBI acts like an Umbrella and shield, multiple types & size of organizations, social & technology platforms, knowledge & action hubs, and humans, from Ethical, Environmental, Equity and Economical Risks and take them towards pay offs via protected path with positivity & perfection.

Responsible Business Initiative

Responsible Business Initiative (RBI) is Pakistan’s only Responsibility 360 degree enabler directly involved with ethical & environmental risks, CSR strategy, stakeholder engagement, sustainability reporting, bench-marking, responsibility indexes & frameworks, conceptual awareness, and capacity-building interventions in CSR & ICT since 1998. RBI is unique in its working and is internationally known for its pioneering work.